Terms and Conditions

Last updated: Apr 02 2016

Kidz & Sibz Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are to help everyone have an enjoyable time with Kidz & Sibz (K&S). Please read and sign your acceptance.

K&S work to the key aims and objectives of its charitable objectives, and are underpinned by principles of equality, diversity, interdependence and respect.

K&S offers a space and time where families, children and young people relax, meet friends, make new relationships, have fun and find support.

K&S are committed to keeping vulnerable adults safe from harm and exploitation, and to upholding their rights; that is, always acting in their best interests and with their consent. We ask that other users respect these rights.

Parents and carers are responsible for their children and young people at all times. No child or vulnerable person is to be left unaccompanied

Parents and carers are responsible for administering any emergency medication and calling for emergency medical services if they are needed

By signing the terms and conditions you agree to:
Sign in at the start of every session
Sign out, if you leave K&S before the end of the session
Respect everyone, staff & visitors
No bullying, swearing, fighting or theft
No discrimination: treat everyone fairly
No alcohol, drugs or smoking anywhere…and no entry if you have been drinking or using drugs
No littering: please use the bins; keep the Farmhouse and MUGA clean
No running or dangerous games
Keep safe: health and safety rules apply at all times
No damage, vandalism or graffiti of any kind

K&S will occasionally take photographs or short video clips to use as publicity material which promotes the club e.g. on the K&S’s Facebook page.
K&S will not publicise your name or the names of your family members.

A full data protection statement can be found at the K&S website.

If you have any issues of concern, complaints or comments with regard to K&S, please use the contact us form by clicking here.

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